Dynamic Devices AG designs, manufactures and sells self-learning interactive robots for the treatment of neuro-muscular pathologies and orthopedic ailments, as well as for athletic training, fitness and wellness. Our vision: turn training, therapy and prevention into a visceral and emotionally engaging experience. 

The company took its beginnings in 2003 as a sponsored non-profit organization focusing on technology transfer from the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics into different branches of industry. In 2007, the company began developing products for the sports and healthcare markets.


raja dravid

Raja Dravid, CEO, Founder

R&D Robotics, Mechanics, Bionics, Management

Curriculum Vitae, Linkedin

max lungarella

Dr. Max Lungarella, CTO, Founder

Electrical & Software Engineer
R&D Robotics, Electronics, Software, Management

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cees roording

Cees Roording

Sales, Marketing


emilio cherubini

Emilio Cherubini

Physicist & Software Engineer
Software, Modeling


 Board of Directors

martin schlatter

Martin Schlatter

Business Development, IT


matt jaeggi

Matthias Ernst Jäggi



robert riener

Prof. Dr. Robert Riener

Roboticist - ETH Zurich





martin schwab

Prof. Martin E. Schwab

Neuroscientist - University of Zurich / ETH Zurich
Co-Director Brain Research Institute

Advisor Neuroscience


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft

Neurologist - University of Zurich
Director Cereneo Rehabilitation Center

Advisor Neurorehabilitation without compensation 

marco toigo

Dr. Marco Toigo

Translational Muscle & Exercise Physiologist
ETH Zurich & Balgrist University Hospital

Advisor Physiology


Prof. Dr. med. John Krakauer

Neurologist & Neuroscientist - Johns Hopkins Uni.
Director Center for the Study of Motor Learning and Brain Repair

Advisor Neurology and Neuroscience

fumiya iida

Prof. Dr. Fumiya Iida

Roboticist - Cambridge University (UK)
Director Machine Intelligence Lab

Advisor Robotics

otmar keller

Otmar Keller

Conditioning Trainer
OK Health and Experience AG

Advisor Conditioning Training

nicola maffiuletti

Prof. Dr. Nicola Maffiuletti

Exercise Physiologist - Schulthess Clinic Zurich
Head Human Performance Lab

Advisor Neuro-Orthopedics without compensation